Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Haitian Creole Reference Materials

*Also see previous blog post about learning Haitian Creole.

The Bryant Freeman Haitian English and English Haitian dictionaries

To order the Bryant Freeman Haitian English and English Haitian dictionaries, call Jayhawk, Inc. 
Current prices: Softback volumes $45 each, for a total of $270 for the complete six volume set.
No tax currently charged if shipped outside of Kansas.
Shipping for orders of $250 to $500 is $9.95.
(The Haitian to English volume which came out originally in one hardback volume, is now only available as a three volume softback set, the same as the English to Haitian set.)

These dictionaries are user-friendly, and worth every penny.   

Contact Jayhawk Inc. at: 785-864-4640

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  1. They are worth, but 270 bucks for softback volumes is lil bit pricey, I would say....definitely ..I don't get it why they don't sell it as software..It's very popular nowadays and they wouldn't have any problem with printing...easy money, i would say..although they couldn't charge it expensively as they do now