Sunday, May 8, 2016

There are now TWO Migrant Teen Journals!

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      Migrant Worker Outreach of South Jersey
        Migrant Teen Journal
        Latino Migrant Teen Journal 

      Migrant Worker Outreach publishes the Migrant Teen Journals and distributes them free at migrant camps in South Jersey.  Watch for the Summer 2016 (third edition) of the Migrant Teen Journal and the Summer 2016 (premiere edition) of the Latino Migrant Teen Journal.
      The Migrant Teen Journal is available in either English or Haitian Creole.  The Latino Migrant Teen Journal is available in either English or Spanish. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Migrant Worker Outreach & Haitian Migrant Worker Outreach April 2016 Update

When you visit our website (www.MigrantWorkerOutreach.Org) be sure to click on the Our Board tab, to see who is on our newly established governing board!

Also click on the Committees tab, to see who is chairing each of our ten standing committees.  If you are interested in attending a committee meeting, we welcome your participation!  Email addresses for our committee chairs are at the Committees tab on our website.

Are you interested in helping welcome migrant workers to South Jersey?  You don't have to speak Spanish or Haitian Creole.  You can help sort the donated clothing we receive every spring.  We rent storage units at Extra Space Storage on Egg Harbor Road in Hammonton.  We do the sorting in the cool of the mornings, from mid-April through mid-June, up to seven days a week.  We have lots of tables to sort on.

Would you like to help teach an individual student or a small group, in our English as a Second Language classes?  The classes are held outdoors, two evenings a week from the second half of June through the end of July.  If you speak only English, you can work with an intermediate or advanced level student.  If you are bilingual (for English and either Spanish or Haitian Creole), you can work with students at any level.

Are you interested in organizing an activity at one of the migrant camps, or at a venue in town?  We often can use extra help with procuring and serving refreshments, with transportation, and more.  Just tell us how you'd like to get involved, what age group you might prefer working with, and what your availability is, time-wise.  Most of our events are held in the evenings between eight p.m. and nine p.m. seven nights a week.

We can almost always use help distributing donated items at the camps.  Many of the migrant camps are in Hammonton, but we also visit camps in Shamong, Tabernacle, and Chatsworth.

*Want to learn more?  Visit our FaceBook pages:
Migrant Worker Outreach of South Jersey
Migrant Teen Journal

If you just have a question or a comment, don't hesitate to contact me, Dory Dickson by email or by phone.
Email: DoryDickson@MigrantWorkerOutreach.Org
Phone: (609) 969-2480

*You're welcome to contact any of our board members or committee chairs with questions and comments, too.  Contact information for board members and committee chairs is accessible through the tabs on our website: www.MigrantWorkerOutreach.Org